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Welcome to An Open Book




It is our mission to provide a venue for bibliophiles everywhere to explore the fascinating and varied world of book shaped objects from around the globe.  These objects can be as old as a 16th century bracelet or as modern as a 21st century MacBook related novelty item.  We are also dedicated to providing accurate metadata using a combination of Dublin Core and Cataloging of Cultural Objects metadata elements in order to fully describe these items in a way that is not only uniform but also thorough.


The content found within this website has been reproduced in accordance with copyright laws, and does not knowingly infringe upon any copyrights.


This site was developed as part of the course requirements for LIS 663-02 Metadata Description & Access.


Website developers:

Bree Park

Barbara Bieck


Both students are enrolled in the Pratt Institute School of Information & Library Science program. They share an interest in rare books and a love for the book as a physical object. Both believe that there exists a human connection with books that goes beyond the relationship of simply reading books. The book form is replicated in numerous mediums over centuries, varying in degrees of complexity of craftsmanship. To appreciate the book form is to become a part of a long-standing tradition.


Join in the tradition. Experience the many mediums people have used to express humanity's innate relationship with the book form.